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Welcome to Worlds 2, based on the game Worlds by Crazyboyonscratch: (

This game is cancelled, meaning it isn't a complete or finished game by any means. This game has only been released for testing purposes, and will never become a finished game.

How to play:

Press play on the title screen, then use the arrow keys to chose a game mode. Select it with space. We recommend playing in creative first, just to get the feel of how the game works.

Mouse over the build tab to open it and scroll through it with left and right. Select a tile simply by clicking it. In most game modes, a certain amount of money and/or research points will be needed to place a tile. You can't place a tile if you don't have enough money / research, or your world doesn't have the tile it needs to be placed on.

Hopefully you figure it out as you go. Remember, this game is in early access. We will be adding a tutorial feature soon.

Music: Kevin MacLeod - Floating Cities


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I have been waiting, I got a notification and I said yay!